About your tutor: Nico van der Pas
Nico van der Pas

Practice Physics Exams has been set up by Nicolaas van der Pas. I am a retired teacher who taught Physics on A- and IB-level for 30 years in the Netherlands and more recently on IGCSE-level in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In addition, I have considerable experience in tutoring students on A-level.

As my presence in Malaysia is now limited, my mission is to make my expertise available on-line to students world wide to support them in their ambition to excel in their Physics exams of CIE on A-level and of IB on AS level.

Please contact me if you need information about our services.
Also, if you find errors in our analysis of any exam questions, please let me know. Make sure to add the question identification number, which you will find in the top row of the solution table.

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Dear Mr Nicolaas,

  I’m writing to tell you that the IGCSE grades have been published today and I’m pleased to say that I successfully achieved an A in Physics. I would just like to say a huge thank you to you as I remembered that you were the teacher that helped me out tremendously in understanding physics at a point when my grades were awful and I had no motivation to study the subject anymore. Thanks to your guidance and constant encouragement and not to mention patience, I had gradually grown to love and enjoy the subject which is why I’m still pursuing it in my IB diploma. Once again, thank you for your wonderful effort in teaching me and if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have achieved what I did. I really appreciate it and am grateful to have had you as a teacher despite it being quite a short period of time. I wish you well Mr. Nicolaas.

Pei Xuen